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Pampered Mama Use #10: Full CJ’s BUTTer® Mani Pedi

Posted by Bobbie on

Mom, you deserve a little TLC. Truth be told, you deserve a LOT of TLC! I hope that, as a busy mother, you are able to afford yourself an evening "off," to simply focus on yourself. We all need that little break to be our own Number 1, if only for an evening.

My favorite way to spend a Mommy Evening is with a full Mani Pedi, using my favorite CJ’s BUTTer® products. It's simple and easy; your hands, feet, and soul will thank you for it!

CJ’s BUTTer® Full Line
Pampered Mama Use #10
Full Mani Pedi

Hey Mom, where's the bouquet I gave you?

Step 1: Cleanse

First, it’s best to start a manicure/pedicure with clean hands and feet. Either shower before starting, or give yourself a relaxing foot bath (my favorite!). If you choose a foot bath, fill your basin with water as hot as you can stand it and add 4 pumps of CJ’s Carcass Cleaner. You can fill 2 basins to soak both hands and feet at the same time, for best results.

  • In a clean and dry container, combine:
  • One part white sugar
  • One part brown sugar
  • Two parts CJ’s BUTTer® Spritz
  • Mix well and voila! You have your very own natural sugar scrub!
  • I recommend scented Spritz, for added therapeutic effect (my favorite scent for sugar scrub is Oatmeal Milk & Honey)

Grab a good sized dollop (about the size of a quarter) of your sugar scrub, and thoroughly scrub your hands. Do this over a sink, and use some pressure to get that dead skin off! Continue scrubbing until all (or at least most) of the sugar dissolves. Rinse, then repeat for your feet! You will be left with beautifully healthy and moisturized

  • Trim cuticles – Lift and trim the extra, dead skin from around each nail. As soon as all cuticles are trimmed, apply a little CJ’s BUTTer® Spritz to all cuticles, rubbing it in a bit. Then wipe hands with a dry cloth to remove extra oil.
  • Buff nails to remove ridges, until each nail is smooth.
  • File nails to desired shape.

Once these steps have been completed, apply some CJ’s BUTTer® Stick to the cuticles, and hands, and on the feet, concentrating on the tough areas. Just sit for a while, letting your skin soak up all that nourishing moisture.

Step 4: Apply Polish

First, apply a thin layer of base coat, and wait approximately 20 minutes for it to dry. Most base coat polishes dry very quickly. Letting each coat of polish dry for at least 20 minutes between will make your manicure and pedicure look much, much better.

Apply the color polish, one thin layer at a time. If you are using a color that is rather thin, resist the temptation to coat the polish on thick, as that will dramatically increase the drying time and likely lead to blemishes in the finish.

Once 2 – 3 coats of color have been applied, let them dry for at least 45 minutes, then apply a top coat to keep the polish looking great for longer!

Maybe your little sweetie pie will want to help! Aww...

I like to do my manicure and pedicure in the living room with the ceiling fan on high; this helps the polish to dry a little quicker. As a mother, quickness is as necessary, but not as necessary as having some time for myself. Sure, there’s nothing like that first coat of paint to inspire my kids to want things from me, but that can wait. Right now, it’s mommy time.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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