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Pampered Mama Use #2: CJ's BUTTer® Relaxing Hot Oil Treatment

Posted by Heather on

Dry, damaged hair? Don't panic!

Your hair can easily be given the boost it needs to get you back on track and feeling gorgeous again in no time. When I've been particularly hard on my hair by blow drying, heat styling, swimming and simply not showing it the love and attention it needs I turn to a hot oil treatment to replenish the moisture it has lost.

Hot oil treatments restore moisture because the heat opens the hair cuticles which allows the moisture to penetrate the hair shaft.

CJ's BUTTer® All Natural Shea Butter Balm
Pampered Mama Use #2
Relaxing Hot Oil Treatment

  1. Heat water for tea and fill two mugs with hot water.

  2. Insert tea bag into 1 cup, and 1-2 CJ's BUTTer® Minis in the other cup (make sure lid is still on tight first) - the amount of butter needed will vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

  3. In 4-7 minutes enjoy your cup of tea. In 10-15 minutes remove mini(s) from mug, dry off mini and gently shake.

  4. Alternately: Replace steps 1-3 by warming a dollop of any CJ's BUTTer® in a microwave safe container the microwave. Heat for 10 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times as needed just until BUTTer has liquefied.

  5. Test the oil on your wrist before proceeding so you don’t burn yourself.

  6. Section your hair into 4-6 sections for easier distribution. Work through hair from root to tip- massage your scalp & coat thoroughly to the ends.

  7. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and let the oil treatment sit for at least 30 minutes. For added moisture, dampen a towel with warm water- wrap the warm towel around your head for 20-30 minutes. Even after the towel cools off, the process is still working - no worries! You can even tie your hair up and sleep on it to really let the moisture soak in. Cover pillow with a towel if you will not be keeping the plastic cap on through the night.

  8. Shampoo hair at least 3 times, until hair feels BUTTer-free. We recommend CJ's Carcass Cleaner.

  9. Towel dry & look FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

Your hair will be noticeably softer, stronger and have a healthy sheen. This treatment also helps to prevent future breakage vs. just shampooing and detangling hair.