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Pampered Mama Use #7: 6 Simple Steps to Un-BARE-ably Smooth Skin

Posted by Heather on

Shaving, it’s something most of us tend to do but probably don’t give much thought to. Making a few modifications to your routine may substantially increase the overall health of your skin and make donning your favorite summer wear that much more pleasurable. I first tried CJ's Carcass Cleaner as a shaving cream when I ran out of shaving cream. I figured it had to be better than no shaving cream. Well, I was right about that - what I did not expect was it to work better than what I'd been happily using for over 15 years! I haven’t been able to turn back, 2 years later and I still haven't bought a replacement of my former shaving cream. Carcass Cleaner foams straight out of the pump with a rich, frothy foam that smells incredible! Carcass Cleaner provides an amazingly effective shave while moisturizing the skin. It leaves my skin so touchably soft; even in a state as dry as Colorado I can get away with not moisturizing after a shower when I use Carcass Cleaner.

I almost exclusively use the Lavender & Tea Tree scented Carcass Cleaner for myself. These 2 essential oils possess amazing properties that help heal and prevent an array of skin irritations such as acne, razor burn and yes even ingrown hairs!

CJ's Carcass Cleaner
Pampered Mama Use #7
6 Simple Steps to Un-BARE-ably Smooth Skin

  • Shave at Night
  • Shaving in the morning precedes applying products such as deodorant after shaving my armpits. I am also more likely to sweat throughout the day, come in contact with bacteria and toxins. This combination with freshly shaved skin increases the likelihood of razor burn. Shaving at night before heading to bed is an easy way to prevent this.

  • Shave in the Shower
  • Take a hot shower shaving between the first 2-9 minutes. Heat and moisture softens the hairs making them easier to remove, but waiting too long to shave in a hot shower the skin begins to swell. Shaving after this will leave a bit of stubble behind after cooling down and drying off.

  • Wash Before Shaving
  • Use CJ's Carcass Cleaner as a body wash before shaving. This will wash away possible irritants such as bacteria reducing the potential for razor burn.

  • Shave with the Grain
  • Apply CJ's Carcass Cleaner and shave in the direction the hairs are going. Shaving against the grain increases odds of ingrown hairs, irritation, and inflamed skin.

  • Rinse the Blade Often
  • Rinsing the razor thoroughly between each stroke removes build-up of hair between the blades. Build up forces you to push down with more pressure on subsequent swipes, increasing the likelihood of cuts or skin irritation.

  • Cool off
  • Just before exiting the shower switch to cold water for a quick splash. This constricts the skin closing up pores, any small cuts or ingrown hairs that are forming.

Should you go awry somewhere along that way and end up with razor burn soothe and heal it quickly with a CJ's BUTTer® Quick Stick. The stick provides for quick and easy application for skin irritations such as razor burn. An application can also aid in preventing razor burn if you are more prone to it.

Want to extend the life of your razor blade?

Dip the razor blade in rubbing alcohol after your shower. Sharp blades are often thrown out because they are perceived to be dull. Water forms mineral crystals when it dries as this repetitively occurs on a razor blade it causes the formation of microscopic "teeth" on the edge of the blade. These "teeth" drag against the skin, causing the blade to grab producing cuts and razor burn. Alcohol will displace the water and minerals within it, and evaporate without leaving residue. Store the razor with the blade edges facing upward.

What other tips do you have for a smooth shave?