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Cristina Ewen — 5 stars 

My son was having major issues with recurrent yeast rash and a fellow mom recommended the plus formula. We also switched to cloth diapers. This stuff is magic. We use it with every diaper change and it's kept the yeast rash at bay. Even if a mild rash looks like it's popping up, i slather on the plus at bedtime and in the morning it's gone.

Ruth Mullins — 5 stars

Thanks to your lotions my sons face is finally cleared. I know recommend you to my family and friends!

Amanda Aspy — 5 stars

We love this stuff! We cloth diaper and have never had a rash since finding this stuff! It has also helped my sons eczema clear up and is completely gone now. We put it on everything from scrapes to rashes. It is a life savor.

Beth Harris Clouser — 5 stars

Love CJ. I met her long ago, 8 years ago, when she made a poncho for my daughter and allowed me to pay in installments. We have made several trades and couldn't ask for better products and the personal attention you receive. CJ is an amazing woman with amazing products. We need to catch up.

Laura Barstow — 5 stars

Wow I ordered your sample pack and it cake really fast! Thank you I am happy it came before the baby because one of them I really wanted to take to the hospital with me ! They smell yummy and can't wait to use them !!

Erin Bradford — 5 stars

Absolutely fantastic. Cleared up a chronic yeast rash and has kept it away. Also love how rich and soft and delightful smelling it is.

Jessica McFadden — 5 stars

By far, one of my very favorite products. My 10 month old son has very sensitive skin and eczema... CJ's is the only thing that helps and the plus formula is so awesome,my son has had a cracking, oozing sore under his ear since he was born that NOTHING would fix, not even steroids. If I put CJ's on it a few times a day, it stays away. It knocks out his eczema and helps keep bum rashes at bay, and I don't have to worry about it ruining our cloth diapers. My two year old calls it "magic medicine" and asks for it anytime she has even the smallest of scrapes or bumps. We love your product and would highly recommended it to ANYONE!

Danielle Harborne — 5 stars

Im in the UK and got a free sample of this when purchasing some Tots Bots nappies online and i am hooked, just received my first 12oz tub yesterday. And its amazing, smells gorgeous to. I have the Lullaby Baby one. Have also been using on my 5yr old who has really dry exema on her upper arms. We have tried everything off the doctor, creams,lotions,bath ointments, you name it we have tried it. We read up this can be used and thought, its worth a shot. And we are so glad we did, its only been a day and we are already seeing results. My little girl has suffered with this for 3 years, and now thanks to CJ's Butter she no longer will.

Kelly Marie Placek — 5 stars

I'm in love with CJ's! It is the only cream that we use for diaper rash, and it gets used as lotion too (like when my 3 year old decides that Warm Vanilla Cake smells really good). The scents are great, I'm addicted and want to try them all! The jars are great for home and I love having the spritz for in the diaper bag.

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