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Pampered Mama Use #9: The Glow of Summer

Posted by Bobbie on

Sunshine feels like a warm hug

As the weather warms up, I get more and more excited about participating in my favorite summer activities. There are barbeques with friends, family picnics, and afternoons at the park.

In the throes of summer excitement, I dust off my shorts and…. Wow. My legs are so terrifying and white that I might blind someone.

Aahh! Where are my sunglasses?!

Well, I am not one to hang out in a tanning bed, nor do I like using any of the many spray-on tanning options on the market. If you're like me, then summer brings you outside for many different activities. Stepping out in summer apparel the for first time each year feels kind of like crawling out from under a rock. Winter pastiness be gone!

I will offer you a couple quick and easy suggestions to help you feel more beautiful and confident as this summer blossoms to life.

CJ’s BUTTer® Spritz
Pampered Mama Use #9
The Glow of Summer

Is the sun working? Do I look tan yet??

There are a couple ways that CJ’s BUTTer® Spritz can help your skin be summer fabulous.

First of all, Spritz is a fantastic tanning oil! Just spray into your hands, then rub all over any exposed skin. Reapply often to ensure that healthy, glowing tan! Even if you aren't the type to “lay out” at the pool or beach, don’t neglect tanning opportunities during all of your outdoor activities.

Coconut Lime Dream smells like vacation!

One of my favorite things about summer apparel is sundresses. They are so cute, flowy, and comfortable! In order to ensure that bare legs look their best, apply some CJ’s BUTTer® Spritz! It is a simple and easy trick that will make your legs look absolutely amazing – even if they retain their winter pastiness. A little healthy shine goes a long way!

What is your favorite outdoor summer activity with your family?