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Pampered Mama Use #6: CJ's BUTTer® Mini Mani Pedi

I am Mom, hear me roar!Being a mother is a lot of work. As a hard-working mom, hands can really take a beating. Between handling papers and homework, cooking, cleaning, yard work, and whatever else the day may hold, a mother’s hands can get brutalized!. Have you ever had one of those days [...]

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Pampered Mama Use #7: 6 Simple Steps to Un-BARE-ably Smooth Skin

Shaving, it’s something most of us tend to do but probably don’t give much thought to. Making a few modifications to your routine may substantially increase the overall health of your skin and make donning your favorite summer wear that much more pleasurable. I first tried CJ's Carcass Cleaner as a shaving cream [...]

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Pampered Mama Use #5: Get Healthier in 90 Seconds a Day

I used to be one of those women who had the bathroom counter lined with bottles of hair products. I had the overnight hair repair cream, the leave-in conditioner, the curling cream, the heat protection cream, the fly-away tamer, the split-end serum, shine serum, hair milk... What's that burning smell? My bathroom was crowded with bottles and [...]

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Pampered Mama Use #4: Jumping Into Summer with Both Feet

Put your best foot forward with CJ's BUTTer® Jumping Into SummerIf the mere thought of wearing open-toed shoes or dare I say strappy summer sandals has you thinking you need to schedule a pedicure, try reaching for your CJ’s BUTTer® All Natural Shea Butter Balm instead…it’s da balm!Dry feet? Cracked heels? Calluses? No problem! CJ’s BUTTer [...]

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Pampered Mama Use #3: CJ's Mini Facial

Your face. It’s the first thing people see when they look at you. It’s where you show off your smile, and where your little ones place their precious kisses. Here I am the end of another long day, ready to wash the day away and get some much-needed rest. You know the feeling, right? [...]

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Pampered Mama Use #2: CJ's BUTTer® Relaxing Hot Oil Treatment

Dry, damaged hair? Don't panic! Your hair can easily be given the boost it needs to get you back on track and feeling gorgeous again in no time. When I've been particularly hard on my hair by blow drying, heat styling, swimming and simply not showing it the love and attention it needs I turn to [...]

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Pampered Mama Use #1: A Sweet Summer Nights' Dream

Restful sleep is one thing that all too often eludes me. I find myself running in a million different directions at once most days. When it comes time to wind down and go to sleep it is hard to shut down and stop thinking. By the time I do either the baby is up, or [...]

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