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ABC Expo Recap - Good Times in Las Vagas

Posted by Mark on

CJ's BUTTer ABC ExpoCJ's BUTTer ABC Expo

CJ's BUTTer ABC Expo

Becky and I recently flew to Las Vegas to attend the ABC Expo. Now I understand that right now you are probably telepathically asking me what in the world an ABC Expo is, and, more importantly, why you should care. Both are excellent questions, and I am overjoyed to share with you the answers.

The All Baby and Child Expo is the largest trade show in America specializing in products for babies, children, and mommas. From maternity clothes to diapers, to strollers and car seats, the ABC is the event where retailers from the smallest mom & pop’s to the biggest box stores see thousands of products, and meet with producers of all sizes. But it’s actually a lot more than that. For many of us, it’s a much anticipated reunion.

It may sound odd, but the best part of this event, in my opinion, is catching up with the friends we have made over the years. Rarely does a year go by that I don’t find myself in a heated “Rock Band” contest with the team from Rockin’ Green. And the (not so) legendary “sticker war” between CJ’s and SuperUndies rages on. Also, we get the opportunity to meet face-to-face with our retailers. Collectively, we have the opportunity to talk about what our customers want, need, and are looking for. So don’t be shy about communicating with any of us, because we really are in this together to serve the people that shop in our stores, and buy our products.

I often point out that, to a large degree, most of us at the expo are the same people, doing the same thing – just doing it a little differently. Some of us make products, some of us have stores, but we are all just people and families truly dedicated to serving our customers, serving you, because without you, none of the rest matters.